Blitz — App

Blitz is a productivity app designed for students — to help them get through their theses and other university projects. We developed a distinctive visual identity and user interface style that sets the app apart from other productivity apps — employing a fun tone with light-hearted and playful in-app feedback.

The app is designed to reward productivity with fun feedback — including delivering random funny GIFs when you've completed a task or an entire project. What's more satisfying at the completion of a long, hard to-do list than watching Chewbacca smash the 💩 out of an acoustic guitar?

— In-app GIFs for entertaining productivity feedback
— Brand definition studies & Wordmark

A lighthearted, uncompromising tone of voice throughout the app speaks directly to the person using it — it's a tone of voice that allows both constructive and motivational content to go side-by-side. Blitz is as much a personal coach as it is an productivity app.

— Icons

Blitz is coming to the App Store in late 2016.