Hof Kelsten — Identity

We collaborated with Jeffery Finkelstein on a pared-back, raw and minimal identity for his Boulangerie in Montréal, creating a custom wordmark, stationery, neon signage and a wheat-paste menu system. The space won the Jury Prize from The Ville de Montréal Bureau du Design in 2015.

We started from the logotype for this project — developing a custom typeface inspired by old diner signage and menu's, with a particular focus on 1950s aluminium lightbox signs. The mark needed to be simple in form, but with enough detail to make it interesting in it's own right. As a result, the letters belong together, but are full of quirks and alternative edges — like you'd see in a sign that's been produced from cut and shaped metal.

— Hof Kelsten typeface detail

The menu at Hof Kelsten changes regularly, so we created a simple template that allows them to be easily adjusted and then printed BIG at the print shop a few doors down on Avenue St Laurent. They are wheat-pasted or taped to the wall, one over the other, creating a raw, layered finish that increases over time.
Menu font is Strassenbahn by Maximilian Huber.

"…This raw edge extends to the details, like the menus with curling edges hung on the walls, and adds to the conceptual impact"

— Design Montréal Jury

We also developed a super-thin version of the Hof Kelsten typeface for a local neon signmaker to use as a pattern for the interior sign.

— Business Cards & Letterheads are Letterpress printed on thick, off-white stock.