— Photo by Bobbi Jo Brooks

TOKENS — Group Exhibition, Berlin

4 of our Signals prints plus 2 one-off test prints were on show at the Green Hill Gallery in Friedrichshain, Berlin this April alongside Sebastian Drab, Dolly Demorati, Sue Doekson, Alex Grolleman, Abigail Hill, Vincent Hulme, Martin Jackson & Jade Jefferies.

— Signals I, II, III & IV.Photo by Bobbi Jo Brooks
— Two one-off test prints were also on display

We did a limited run of 10 of each of the Signal prints, plus a bunch of one-off tests. We hand-printed them ourselves on thick Hahnemule paper at SDW Druck in Neukolln, Berlin.

Prints will soon be availble in our shop →

— Process: coating, mixing, registering & pulling the prints by hand

Huge gratitude and 😍s to Jade Jefferies for getting us involved with this!