Bitkak MVP Design


Bitkak is a crypto exchange for Cambodia. Working with a distributed team across Europe, Australia and South-east Asia, we led the design of an MVP brand and product.

For the proof of concept MVP, we designed a foundational brand and UI system of assets with a view to expansion in the near future.

The MVP is a web app designed mobile-first with both conventional and inventive UX flows designed to make transactions quick to navigate.

The interface features a chromeless, floating design. Dark mode comes as default. Desktop optimizations were made to speed up workflows where more space is available.

Cultural and practical research was carried out to ensure relevance, ownability and efficient bi-lingual product development.

The Bitkak logo is a blossoming Lotus flower, a symbol of resilience and strength in Cambodian culture. Purple and green were chosen for their relevant associations.

Addtional detailing marries the form of the flower with the typeface. Alternative shading and size optimizations are also available for favicons, social, etc.

Since the product is bi-lingual, a highly-optimized font for both English and Khmer was chosen to ease development and maintain visual consistency.

An additional branding asset is a set of custom currency security patterns, like those you'd see on a printed bill, which were drawn using the form of the flower logo.

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