Rocketfuelled! is a multidisciplinary design studio in Berlin specialising in brand identities, digital design, printed matter, signage, typefaces, packaging and apparel.

Collaborating with clients in a wide range of sectors, we work locally and remotely on projects that range from simple start-up concepts to complex design systems for organisations operating at large scale.

Our studio is located in an old shopfront in Berlin. Half Design Office / Creative Workshop, it's a positive space for ideas, experimentation and production. We are also open to the public on Fridays for in-person shopping of our prints, art and apparel.

About us

Rocketfuelled! Studio was established in 2017 in Berlin for commercial enterprise and creative fulfilment.

Reuben Whitehouse (UK/Canada) has worked since 2002 for agencies, institutions and brands including the BBC, KIA Motors, Australian Broadcasting Company, University of Bristol.

Jessica Herbert (UK) graduated from University of the Arts London with a BA Graphic Design in 2007.

Together we pursue interests in travel, nature, culture, fashion, art and music.

Our clients and projects have been featured in the New York Times and The Guardian.


• Branding
• Content
• Apps
• Strategy
• Icons
• Messaging
• Typefaces
• Signs

• Logos
• Websites
• Illustration
• Books
• Packaging
• Apparel
• Posters
• Merch


• Entertainment
• Music
• Gastronomy
• Finance
• Government
• Art
• Ecommerce
• Education

• Fashion
• Tech
• Health
• Wellness
• Charities
• Games
• Podcasting
• Trades


Our books are currently open for new projects from November 2022.

Small, one-off projects like posters, logos or stickers can be booked anytime, with a minimum fee of €500.

In-depth design projects like brand identities and websites start at €5,000.

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Art + Design


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Analog + Digital

Joyful + Useful

Our metaphor for good design is a people-focused combination of pleasure and utility.

Joyful brands / products / experiences are beautiful; memorable; worth talking about.

Useful design knows how people behave and makes things easier for them to find and use.

"For Fun & Profit"
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