Hof Kelsten

Identity, Typeface, Menus, Website, Social Content, Merchandise.

Hof Kelsten is Jeff Finkelstein's famous bakery in Montréal. Building on our 2014 identity design for them, we recently added further elements including a custom typeface, systemised logo, posters and more to support their new physical locations and a lockdown ordering service.


The logo was refined and systemised for efficiency and consistency.


The original idiosyncratic logotype lettering, based on 50s aluminium box signs from local diners, was extended into a display typeface.

Online Ordering Platform

With the abrupt arrival of lockdown restrictions, the new branding system enabled quick deployment of online ordering platform promotion on social.


We designed tshirts featuring the menus from each location to help customers take a little piece of their favourite bakery away with them.

"For Fun & Profit"
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