Identity, Design System, Guidelines, UI/UX, Content, Print.

Inner.U is a life coaching platform used by thousands of people everyday. Over the course of three years we designed a large body of work across multiple touchpoints, culminating in a full design system that enables a distributed team of designers, marketers and coders to continue production of on-brand content.

Over 30 responsive templates were designed for the website which is a content platform and a sales tool for digital products and online events.

A library of over 60 custom illustrations, commissioned from artist Amber Vittoria, were systemised and colour treated to create over 1,200 possible combinations.

We built an online brand guideline website that provides asset downloads and instructions on how to correctly and consistently implement the brand.

We developed an interface design system for the Inner.U app which allows the development team to implement new features within design guidelines.

Social media template systems were designed in Canva, with multiple layout options, assets and styles, to allow content creators to easily produce on-brand social graphics.

Eye-popping animated GIFs were created for social content when we felt like demanding a little more attention.

Sub-brands were developed for online content series and special events.

Inner.U's style is epicly honest and often hilarious. We designed slides to accompany TedX talks and other events.

"For Fun & Profit"
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